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tv   Action News Sports Sunday  ABC  January 15, 2017 11:45pm-12:01am EST

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♪ tonight on sports sunday. aaron rodgers and the packers have been streaking since beating the eagles back in november. >> rodgers to his right, wide open, touchdown. >> tonight they take the dallas cowboys to the wire. >> the packers are moving on. >> and whose rooting for the big guy? andy reed. >> with the shot clock running down. got it done. >> plus the sixers coach brett brown has a big problem with one of his big men. >> disturbs me. >> oh vetch kin in front. >> and the flyers have gone ice cold. sports sunday starts now. ♪ >> this is action news sports sunday. sponsored by audi. >> eagles fans are smiling. they are happy tonight.
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the cowboys are done. we kick off america's show talking america's team. i'm jeff skversky alongside mike from 97.5, the phanatic. as much as made about the eagles having playoff issues, winning in the playoffs, the dallas cowboys, mike, only two playoff wins over the last 20 years. >> and this stings. they had the bye. they were all rested. they were supposed to do it. the rookie quarterback and the rookie running back were supposed to get it together. and they were right there and couldn't pull it off. we're weeping in delaware valley. >> is it petty, though? a little bit petty? >> a little bit petty. >> all we have. >> last week i said something crazy. i said it wouldn't disturb me if the cowboys had gone to the super bowl, would have given the eagles a bigger target. right in front of them, they would have to match it. i didn't shed a tear >> not at all. eagles fans won't shed a tear.
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check out the crazy finish. cowboys, packers, cowboys back from down 18, biggest hole since beating the eagles in october. d.c. prescott to dez bryant. and aaron rodgers, unbelievable play on third and 20. do the eagles have a receiver that can do that? >> i don't know if they have a quarterback that can do that either. amazing throw. the where with all to keep his feet in bounds. >> cook stays in with three seconds left. and with no time left, mason crosby, the game winner. 33-31. going against atlanta. how about this, rodgers and packers since beating the eagles in november, 8-0. >> we fueled them. >> they had the exact record of the eagles in november. they go this way. >> they're a pedigree team. the eagles are not yet. hopefully one day. but not yet. >> yet. >> yet.
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yet. and they're two, three years away from it. >> love or hate them, there's no debate about this. andy reed is one of the winningest coaches in playoff history. the eagles perhaps make a mistake letting big red go when you look at what has transpired with chip kelly. >> absolutely not. it was time. >> it was time. >> it was time for andy reed. 14 years, time for a fresh approach. chip kelly was not the right approach. maybe doug peterson is. the people in philadelphia really have taken andy reed -- they're looking at him finally now rather than the time that he left. you know, the time he left they were ready to boot him out of town. but now looking at him, and they feel empathy for the guy. >> appreciate the good times. >> absolutely. >> although there are some clock management issues, maybe a time out issue again today in the playoffs. andy reed. taking on the steelers in the
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playoffs. down eight to the steelers late fourth. they take up over seven minutes on the clock and burn a time out. spencer ware, the one yard rush. kansas city within two, a holding penalty on the two point conversion, comes back. alex smith for jeremy macklin comes up short. pittsburgh stealing one on the road, 18-16, face the patriots. and tom brady in the afc title game next. and lewis making history. the patriots running back, the first player in post season history to score a rushing touchdown, a receiving touchdown and return a kick for a touchdown in the same game. why didn't the eagles keep this guy? >> at the time they thought he was too tiny. but they got darren sproles. everybody looks good at new england. >> we're not the only ones perhaps wondering why. former eagle acho tweeting to
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think i got traded for lewis back in 2013. someone needs to be fired for that. he's a beast. now, that goes back to chip kelly, he's been fired. or perhaps -- look, he was the third guy on the depth chart. >> and he was a tiny guy. he was a guy you could only do so many things with. and they got that guy in darren sproles. trade lewis for him? >> yeah. >> darren sproles, he was -- when they got him, he was a better player than lewis. >> absolutely. looking ahead to the super bowl. the final four here. who do you like? the patriots? >> well, i like the patriots. >> don't say it. >> i don't think anybody is going to beat the patriots. but i, believe it or not, like atlanta to beat green bay. this game took so much out of the packers. an emotional game like this. see them come back in the georgia dome next week to win that game would surprise me, especially with the year matt ryan's having. >> well, the eagles have not
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been serious super bowl contenders since owens caught the city by storm more than a decade ago. i caught up with t.o., he thinks about what could have been. >> people ask me if i regret anything. not bringing the championship to philadelphia is something that i regret. and i probably had an opportunity to catch one or two more passes. we win the super bowl. but i did whatever i could within my power on really like one and a half legs, you know, to try to do what i could to help the team win. >> to see where that team was a decade ago and to see where teams are now, and see the receiver situation. does it -- does it eat you up inside? does it pain you to see the way the eagles are playing like right now? at least with the receivers. there's been so many issues the last couple of years. >> being in a social media, a social media savvy type of person, trust me, i have my alerts on. i told the guys, every time a receiver drops a ball, my phone
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lights up. twitter, instagram, snapchat. i'm very familiar. >> what are people saying to you, they want you to come back? >> absolutely. they want me to come back. doubt that's going to happen. >> what would if mean for you to get in the hall of fame? >> i think it's a stamp of approval for what i have done. a lot of people said i'm deserving of it. i know that the hall of fame, they don't just give this award away to anybody. so in respect to that i just tell people i don't expect it to be given to me. i don't even feel i'm deserving of it, it's something that i have earned. >> has he earned it, find out before the super bowl. >> forget about 2004, the eagles screwed up, could have had him in 2005, 2006, 2007. they messed that situation up. >> i'll take him right now. >> he still thinks he can play, by the way. >> why not? >> brown, says he's disturbed by the okafor situation.
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♪ action news sports sunday sponsored by audi. challenge all givens. >> exclusive accuweather seven day forecast, mild on monday, sun to increasing clouds for the mlk day of service. temperature, 45, cloudy tuesday with on and off rain, especially by the afternoon. and 46. early rain on wednesday, but warmer by the afternoon. up to 56 for the high. thursday, sun and clouds, 52, lower 50s next friday into the weekend. that's a look at the forecast. jeff and mike, back you. >> thank you. the sixers have been playing the best basketball in the last five years. but have a big problem with the big man situation? the okafor situation disturbs him, is this an issue? >> it disturbs him, why? because he wants -- because okafor has been on the bench. >> hasn't worked to this point. >> i know where you stand. you want okafor to play with
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embiid. >> they haven't done it. >> it's impractical. it doesn't work. they've done it for a little bit, but it can't work. defensively the presence of okafor doesn't jive with embiid. embiid is not the same player with okafor on the floor. it's as simple as that. >> but my thought is they have not tried this enough. they have played only 79 minutes and 32 seconds. that's less than two games. yet ilyasova and embiid played 259 minutes. >> he's a stretch four. he takes away from the basket to give embiid room to operate inside. okafor does not give you that presence. listen, they're in a quandary. they have to trade one. okafor does not fit with the team. he does not. they have to move him. >> i think they should be playing these two and work it out. this is what this year is about.
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speaking of big problems, what's up with the flyers? since that ten game winning streak, lost 11 of 14. that nine game lead in the wild card, down to one. >> shocking. i thought -- after that ten game winning streak i thought the flyers were a solid playoff team. now starting to leak oil. they have the young players, looks like they may have lost confidence. i don't know what's going on. whether they want to stick here and build like the other teams are building in this town, or whether they have to make a trade >> well, they could be the first team in hockey history to win ten games in a season and miss the playoffs. today on washington, blown out. they lose 5-0. allowed four goals in a five minute span in the third. steve mason pulled again. he hasn't won in a month. the flyers haven't won on the road in a month. the general manager says the worst thing you can do is overreact. doesn't sound like he's going to make a major move. for mike, i'm jeff skversky. >> no major moves. >> no major moves. good night.
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